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As we get older the chance of having an outbreak of shingles increases. Stress can also highten this risk.

When you have an outbreak your family doctor will often place you antiviral medication along wirth simple pain killers, however, the pain associated with the outbreak can be severe.

Certain medications can help with this pain including steroids, patches and nerve medications.

When the pain is so severe and medications are not adequate, then injections have been proven to provide relief and decrease the chance of the pain lasting for a prolonged period once the shingles rash has resolved.

We at Gramercy Pain Center use

- Sympathtic nerve blocks

- Intercostal nerve blocks

- Radiofrequency Ablation

-  Spinal cord and DRG stimulation

to improve and manage your pain.


Please call us if you need help in managing your Shingles pain.




Dr. Ajay Varma

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