Marlboro Township NJ - History and Residents

Originally settled in the 18th century, Marlboro Township grew into a suburban community after World War II. The township's transportation infrastructure improved and the population increased. The township shifted its focus from agriculture to housing development, and housing developments began to replace the town's rural character. It was quickly transformed into a popular suburb of New York City, and residents of nearby corporations moved there. A growing population meant additional public schools, higher property taxes, and other issues for the township. The township's two-acre park had been developed for a community center. However, in 2007, the planning board rejected this proposal, citing a fatal plane crash in the township and the distance from the new school to the township's wetlands. A fantastic read.

The demographics of Marlboro Township NJ are available through the United States Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The township's Population 2020 is projected to be 39,877, a number that is higher than the average for towns in the Marlboro Township region. Figure 3 compares Marlboro Township NJ's population data from 2010 to 2020. The township has hardly changed in population over that time. While it is a small town, the area is largely dominated by people from Eastern Africa and South Asia. Click for more info.

The population of Marlboro Township is 36,398 as of 2000. Its population is primarily comprised of singles, with only 35% of residents being married. The average household size is 3.4. There are also several shopping areas and chain restaurants in the township. A population of this size may make a township an attractive place to live in. Getting married in this township may be a great idea, as it will improve your chances of success in a long-term relationship.

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