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Neck Injury Doctor at Gramercy Pain Center in New Jersey

Consult with a spine specialist immediately if you just had a neck injury to receive an appropriate neck pain treatment and avoid it from developing into a chronic neck condition. The neck is actually more complicated than it looks because it protects the nerves and the spinal cord needed for movement and other functions.

Gramercy Pain Center is a pain management clinic with board-certified medical professionals that offer a wealth of neck pain treatment options. Visit our clinics across New Jersey at Montclair, Holmdel, New Jersey, and Red Bank.

Treatment for Different Types of Neck Injury at Gramercy Pain Center

While it can be pretty common, neck injury is an accident that patients must not shrug off because it can lead to certain complications, developing into chronic pain and other underlying conditions. Simply taking pain relief medications might not be enough--see a neck injury doctor immediately to receive the best neck pain treatment.

Gramercy Pain Center offers patients integrated treatment options both for physical medicine and sports medicine. Our solutions range from prescribing medicine, physical therapy, and minimally invasive surgery to surgical solutions.

How We Can Help with Your Neck Injury at Gramercy Pain Center

Common neck injuries happen when the fibers in your neck muscle or tendon tears or stretches too far. This usually resolves on its own within days or weeks, but patients may expect different levels of pain.

However, your simple neck pain may be an underlying symptom of a different medical condition, and your neck injury may cause more serious damage. That's why you must seek a neck pain doctor immediately to thoroughly assess your situation.

Causes and Types of Common Neck Injuries

There are different types and causes of common neck injuries:

  • ligament or muscle strain
  • stiff tendons and muscles
  • herniated disc
  • pinched nerve
  • cervical spine fracture
  • spinal stenosis

Consult a neck pain specialist if you experience chronic neck pain to receive the right treatment options.

Symptoms of Neck Injury

Neck injuries may sometimes come with other symptoms, aside from neck pain. Here are some of the signs you should look out for:

  • stiff neck
  • loss of range of motion of the neck
  • muscle spasms in the shoulders and neck
  • headache
  • low back pain
  • muscle weakness in the arms, hands, fingers, and legs

Consult with experts in a spine center to receive an accurate diagnosis of your neck injury. Gramercy Pain Center offers a holistic treatment for chronic neck pain.

What We Offer

For chronic neck pain and injury, seek a consultation with our spine specialist at Gramercy Pain Center to receive comprehensive treatment for your condition. Along with our physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon, we ensure the utmost spine care in caring for your neck condition.

  • Patient-Centric Treatment
  • Board-Certified Specialists
  • Friendly and Supportive Staff

Schedule a consultation with us by visiting our clinics across New Jersey or filling out the form at our website. Patients experiencing chronic pain may also contact our hotline.

Diagnosing Your Condition

A neck pain or neck injury may be a sign of a more serious neck condition involving the nerves, spinal cord, and other soft tissues, especially if it has already progressed into chronic pain. The cervical spine specialist at Gramercy Pain Center performs a thorough screening for all patients to ensure an accurate diagnosis for the best treatment.

  • Evaluation - patients experiencing symptoms concerning the cervical spine or neck may expect to receive a series of interviews to collect more information about their symptoms. Be it related to sports medicine or physical medicine, we as a spine center will strive to offer solutions for neck pain relief.
  • Imaging Tests - like a spine center, we will also request imaging tests to assess the condition of your cervical spine, spinal cord, and other soft tissues that may be affected by the injury.
    • MRI - scans your spinal cord and cervical spine for injuries
    • CT Scan - reveals fractures, infections, and tumors in the cervical spine
    • X-Ray - provides a picture of your cervical spine for a neck injury, numbness, pain, and other problems.
    • Electromyography - assesses your neck muscle and the nerve that controls them.

Gramercy Pain Center strives to provide its patients with the utmost spine care to help them improve their quality of life and further avoid serious complications.

Holistic Treatment Plans for Your Neck Injury

After diagnosing your condition, our neck pain specialist will create a treatment plan for pain relief, spine care, and recovery.

  • Prescriptive medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Steroid injections
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Anterior cervical discectomy
  • Neck surgery

We also have a board-certified primary care physician for patients experiencing pain.

Relieve Pain from Neck Injury at Gramercy Pain Center

Gramercy Pain Center is a pain management clinic that offers treatment for your condition with our sports medicine and physical medicine specialists.

  • Board-Certified Staff
  • Friendly and Welcoming Team
  • Holistic Treatment

Patients needing pain relief treatment may seek our services by scheduling a consultation.

Call Gramercy Pain Center for Neck Injury Concerns

Your neck injury must receive immediate medical attention from a neck pain specialist to thoroughly assess your condition and have an accurate diagnosis. This will avoid further damage and complications from your condition.

Gramercy Pain Center offers its services to patients needing pain management and rehabilitation solutions. Your first step towards improving your quality of life starts with a consultation from us. Visit our clinics or contact our hotline to schedule an appointment.