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Treating Chronic Tendon Pain with TenJet Tenotomy

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Tendons are often taken for granted when they’re giving the mobility and range of motion you need. But when one of these soft tissues in your body becomes damaged, you might experience chronic pain that makes it difficult to complete tasks comfortably.

At Gramercy Pain Center, we want to help our patients alleviate the painful symptoms caused by the diseased tendon. We offer a wide range of pain management treatments like TenJet tenotomy to help manage their condition and produce long-lasting pain relief.

Understanding TenJet and Percutaneous Tenotomy

TenJet tenotomy is a revolutionary procedure that treats the source of your chronic tendon pain. It uses a special needle-like device that delivers a controlled stream of water to separate the damaged tendon from the healthy tissue in the treatment area. Doctors perform this treatment with ultrasound guidance for more accurate treatment.

This procedure is similar to percutaneous ultrasonic tenotomy, except it works like a power washer to remove the diseased tissue without harming the rest of your body. The idea of the percutaneous needle tenotomy treatment is to induce inflammation, break up the scar tissue, and increase blood flow going to the tendon by piercing the damaged tissue with the needle.

TenJet tenotomy works best for conditions like tennis elbow, chronic tendinopathy, elbow tendinosis, Achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, and other kinds of tendon injuries.

Gramercy Pain Center: The Best TenJet Tenotomy Provider in New Jersey

Gramercy Pain Center is the trusted clinic when it comes to excellent treatments like TenJet tenotomy for various pain problems. As the premier pain management center in New Jersey, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the care they deserve to help alleviate their pain and promote their well-being.

  • Patient-Centered Care – At Gramercy Pain Center, we make sure that your needs are met with every treatment. We always do our best to understand your lifestyle, health condition, and treatment goals so we can provide you with personalized treatments for a quick recovery.
  • World-Class Facilities – Each procedure at Gramercy Pain Center is performed inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. This also allows us to provide you with the latest and most effective treatments for your pain problems.
  • Holistic Treatments – Depending on your physician’s recommendation, we can combine interventional procedures, medications, physical therapy, and other treatment methods to relieve your pain, improve body functions, and speed up your recovery.
  • Highly-Skilled Experts – The success of your treatment also depends on how skilled your team physician or doctor is. Our team at Gramercy Pain Center is composed of highly-trained physicians and specialists who specialize in fields like physical medicine, tendon pathology, osteopathic medicine, sports medicine, and pain management to provide you with holistic care and treatment.

FAQs About TenJet Tenotomy and Pain Management

Q: Is TenJet tenotomy painful?

A: Yes, patients may feel slight pain and discomfort during and after the procedure when the local anesthetic wears off. The pain usually subsides after a few days.

Q: How long does the recovery time take after my TenJet tenotomy session?

A: Recovery is quicker than surgery since TenJet tenotomy is a simple procedure. Patients may resume their usual activities a few weeks after their treatment.

Q: How long do TenJet tenotomy results last?

A: Individual results usually vary, but most patients experience pain relief within the first few months after their TenJet tenotomy treatment. The pain relief results are usually permanent since the procedure already targets the root of the problem by removing the damaged tendon tissue with the guidance of musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging.

Seek Effective Pain Relief with TenJet Tenotomy at Gramercy Pain Center

Chronic pain only worsens without the right treatment. At Gramercy Pain Center, we make sure to provide each of our patients with safe and effective pain management solutions like TenJet tenotomy to help them recover quickly. Each treatment is personalized based on your condition and needs. Call us now to book an appointment.