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Types of Other Conditions we treat

Boil is a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue in the skin. It starts off as reddened tender area and over a period of time, the area around it becomes firm and hard.


Arthritis is a joint disorder that affects millions of people around the world, and lowers their quality of life in turn. While arthritis symptoms may more or less be similar, the different types of arthritis that you can develop mean that you need an arthritis specialist to give you a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.

Arthritis Treatments


Bursitis is a common medical condition that can occur when the bursae (the fluid-filled sacs) around your muscles and joints experience inflammation. This results in symptoms like tenderness, pain, and swelling - all of which can drastically reduce mobility and impair your quality of life.

Bursitis Treatments

Cancer Pain

We know that living with cancer can already take a huge toll on your mental and emotional wellbeing. An important part of cancer care is finding a team who will not only help you cope with the psychological effects of the disease but also help you manage your physical pain.

Cancer Pain Treatments


When you’re sitting or lying down, the last thing you want to experience is pain or discomfort in the buttocks. Coccydynia, or tailbone pain, can be a great source of frustration and significantly affect your quality of life.

Coccydynia Treatments

Diabetic Neuropathy

Anyone with an underlying health condition such as diabetes is at risk for long-term pain that can have devastating effects on their everyday life.

Diabetic Neuropathy Treatments


It’s hard to live with fatigue, sleep problems, mood swings, and widespread chronic pain happening all at once but this is how fibromyalgia can affect you in everyday life.

Fibromyalgia Treatments

Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common debilitating conditions that can affect anyone. It doesn’t only have a significant impact on your mobility and well-being but its negative effects can also be seen in your work, social life, and family relationships.

Joint Pain Treatments

Myofascial Pain

Whenever you’re tired after an intense workout or developed an acute injury, it’s normal to feel some type of muscle pain which usually gets better with rest.

Myofascial Pain Treatments

Pinched Nerve

Having persistent pain in your lower back or neck can be a sign of a pinched spinal nerve. This condition can have serious debilitating effects and affect your overall quality of life.

Pinched Nerve Treatments