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Gramercy Pain Center offers exceptional interventional pain medicine by board-certified professionals. We help patients manage the symptoms of their chronic conditions and minimize their effects on the quality of their life. Schedule your appointment today to receive a custom treatment plan to help you manage your condition better and get your life back.

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No one likes living with pain that just won't go away. And with Gramercy Pain Center, you don't have to. Start your path to a pain-free tomorrow, today.

Integrated Pain Management to Improve Your Quality of Life

At Gramercy Pain Center, we treat our patients using an integrated approach towards pain management. We develop pain management solutions that are tailored to your condition and what works best for you. By providing effective pain relief that manages your chronic pain and discomforting symptoms while you seek treatment for your condition or adapt to everyday life, we can reduce the debilitating effect your condition has on your quality of life. 

Our facilities across New Jersey are led by interventional pain management specialists Ajay Varma, MD, DABA, DABAPM, and Ali Valimahomed, MD. Together with our team of caring and compassionate providers, Gramercy Pain Center uses the most advanced practices in the industry backed up by medical and scientific evidence. 

We understand that injuries, recovering from surgical procedures, and chronic conditions can take a toll on your way of life. With our help, you can receive long-lasting pain relief to manage your condition and improve your quality of life. 

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Rumson, NJ Pain Management Doctors: Get Rid of Pain Today

Rumson is a historically-rich borough located in Monmouth County in New Jersey. It is one of the richest communities in the state, with many 19th-century estates and mansions found along the banks of Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers. It is also home to several public parks including Meadow Ridge Park, Riverside Park, Rogers Park, and West Park. 

Residents in Rumson can take care of their health and chronic conditions with Gramercy Pain Center. We have a team of friendly staff and experienced specialists who are committed to providing the best care possible to improve your pain symptoms. We offer a variety of pain management services and minimally invasive treatments to help you get better from your condition.

Meet Our Physicians

Ajay Varma, MD, DABA, DABAPM

Sports Medicine, Interventional Pain Medicine & Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon

Dr. Varma is a trained and board-certified physician in Interventional Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology. Having grown up in England, he went to medical school at the University of Manchester before moving to the United States to start his Internal Medicine residency at the University of Massachusetts and Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University. 

In 2010, Dr. Varma founded Gramercy Pain Center in two locations: Gramercy Park, New York City and Holmdel, New Jersey. Dr. Varma specializes in minimally invasive procedures to help relieve his patients of chronic pain for conditions like arthritis, spinal stenosis, bulging or herniated discs, sports injuries, and cancer-related pain.

Ali Valimahomed, MD, FAAPMR

Sports Medicine, Interventional Pain Medicine & Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon

Dr. Ali is an interventional pain medicine physician that’s dual board-certified in both pain medicine as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation. After completing his residency at Cornell and Columbia, Dr. Ali went on to finish his pain medicine fellowship at Harvard, where he was awarded “Intern of the Year” and nominated for the prestigious position of Chief Resident. He is also on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience as well as the World Academy of Pain Medicine United. 

Together with Dr. Varma, Dr. Ali provides individualized treatment plans for patients in Gramercy Pain Center with the goal of functional outcomes and improving their quality of life. He specializes in sports medicine, neuromodulation, minimally invasive spine surgery, regenerative medicine, clinical research, and cancer pain.

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Our Services

Our facilities can provide the equipment, tools, treatments, and other assistive devices to carry out your custom treatment plans. Let Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali provide a number of minimally invasive procedures and treatments to help you manage your pain. 

Non-Surgical Orthopedic Procedures

Before resorting to invasive surgical procedures, most conditions can be treated long-term with non-surgical options. These alternative procedures can help you minimize your downtime and recovery period and help you find long-term solutions to adapt to your condition. 

Interventional Pain Management

Live independently while minimizing the debilitating effects your chronic condition has. With interventional pain management, you can live life to the fullest by adapting how you function with our treatments and assistive devices. Prevent your condition from limiting your ability to perform everyday activities and hindering your quality of life. 

PRP Pain Management

Use the unique capabilities of the platelet-rich plasma to promote tissue regeneration in areas like your joints and muscles. Regular PRP injections can help promote gradual healing and reduce the pain from movement and chronic conditions. 

Pain Management Injections

Rather than relying on oral pain relievers, we can provide long-term pain relief with injectable solutions. This is more practical for long-term chronic pain and other conditions. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali for an initial consultation to see if injectable treatments are right for you. 

Radiofrequency Ablation

A long-term pain management solution that’s minimally invasive and doesn’t require anesthesia or an extensive downtime period. Using targeted radiofrequency waves, we can temporarily destroy nerve fibers and prevent them from triggering pain for at least one year.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is legal for medical use in New Jersey. Let’s use its benefits to help you manage chronic pain in a safe and controlled environment. We can provide you with the right information and practices on using medical marijuana to harness its pain-relieving benefits.

What Our Patients Say

Why Gramercy Pain Center?

  • Your Physician-Led Pain Center. Headed by two experienced board-certified physicians with specializations on pain management, Gramercy Pain Center offers the best in managing chronic pain. Our reliable and effective treatment plans from Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali can improve the way you live with your condition, whether it’s during recovery or for chronic conditions. 
  • Personalized Treatment Plans. Everyone’s bodies are different, which our patients receive treatment plans tailored to their needs. You’ll discuss your condition with Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali, and our team can develop a plan that provides reliable and effective pain relief.  
  • A Facility That Cares. Our state-of-the-art facilities in all of our locations are fully equipped to help you with your pain. Let our kind, caring, and compassionate team provide you with the highest levels of care when you step into any facility. 

Live Your Best Life with Custom Treatment Plans from Gramercy Pain Centers 

At Gramercy Pain Center, our pain management specialists are ready to help you reclaim your life by managing the symptoms of your condition. We’re here to minimize the effects of your disease, injury, or condition that’s causing chronic pain and preventing you from living your best life. 

Get started on your own treatment plan as soon as possible and schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Varma or Dr. Ali today.

We offer the following services near Rumson, NJ

Gramercy Pain Center is dedicated to helping patients manage and treat their pain through multi-disciplinary approaches including interventional pain management, counseling and psychological support, pain medications, and physical medicine.

We offer a wide array of personalized treatments to patients experiencing anything from traumatic injuries to chronic pain. 

Diagnostic Arthroscopy

Chronic pain conditions like back, neck, and knee pain can be hard to treat without knowing their cause. At Gramercy Pain Center, we provide tests to accurately diagnose your pain or joint problem.

    Diagnostic Arthroscopy near Rumson, NJ

    DRG Spinal Cord Stimulation

    Pain usually goes away once you treat the injury. But when your chronic pain sticks around for a few weeks or even months, it may ultimately affect the way you live your life.

      DRG Spinal Cord Stimulation near Rumson, NJ

      Epidural Steroid Injections

      Injectable pain relievers may be more practical and offer longer-lasting solutions while minimizing the side effects of your treatment. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali for an initial consultation to see if injectable treatments are right for you.

        Epidural Steroid Injections near Rumson, NJ

        Interventional Pain Management

        Prevent pain triggers and allow yourself to live independently in spite of your chronic conditions. Our interventional pain management services help you manage your pain and prevent it from limiting your ability to perform everyday activities and hindering your quality of life.

          Interventional Pain Management near Rumson, NJ

          Intrathecal Therapy

          Chronic pain is a common complaint among millions of Americans. It’s usually caused by different factors and health conditions. The pain that comes and goes also interferes with the patient’s daily activities, which might lead to difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and depression.

            Intrathecal Therapy near Rumson, NJ

            Medical Marijuana

            Marijuana has several benefits, including improving your ability to manage pain. Let us provide you with the right information and practices on using medical marijuana to harness its pain-relieving benefits.

              Medical Marijuana near Rumson, NJ

              Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

              If you need back surgery but are worried about a long recovery, you might be a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery. Ajay Varma, MD, DABA, DABAPM, Ali Valimahomed, MD, and the skilled team at Gramercy Pain Center in Holmdel, Red Bank, Montclair, and Jersey City, New Jersey, offer this procedure, which uses specialized instruments and microdissection techniques that only require small skin incisions.

                Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery near Rumson, NJ

                Non-Surgical Orthopedic Options

                Invasive surgical procedures are often the last resort for pain management as non-surgical procedures can effectively treat most chronic conditions. Within non-surgical procedures, you can minimize your downtime and recovery while still finding ways to adapt to your condition.

                  Non-Surgical Orthopedic Options near Rumson, NJ

                  Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

                  Nerve pain can feel like a shooting or burning sensation, but it may also be a sudden electric shock triggered even by a faint brush on the skin. At Gramercy Pain Center, we want our patients to live their daily lives without feeling sudden bursts of pain caused by neuropathic disorders.

                    Peripheral Nerve Stimulation near Rumson, NJ

                    PRP Pain Management

                    Use the unique capabilities of the platelets in your blood to restore your body’s condition faster. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be extracted from your blood and injected into specific areas to promote healing and tissue regeneration, helping areas that trigger chronic pain through worn-out tissue.

                      PRP Pain Management near Rumson, NJ

                      Radiofrequency Ablation

                      A minimally invasive treatment that doesn’t require anesthesia or extensive downtime. This uses radiofrequency waves to disable nerve fibers for long-term pain relief for at least one year.

                        Radiofrequency Ablation near Rumson, NJ

                        Stem Cell Therapy

                        When it comes to pain management, stem cell therapies offer promising benefits for repairing damaged tissue and helping you recover naturally. Here at Gramercy Pain Center, we’re delighted to provide stem cell treatment to anyone who’s looking for long-term relief from chronic pain.

                          Stem Cell Therapy near Rumson, NJ

                          Tenjet Tenotomy

                          Tendons are often taken for granted when they’re giving the mobility and range of motion you need. But when one of these soft tissues in your body becomes damaged, you might experience chronic pain that makes it difficult to complete tasks comfortably.

                            Tenjet Tenotomy near Rumson, NJ

                            Conditions We Treat near Rumson, NJ

                            At Gramercy Pain Center, our team of pain specialists has helped countless patients with their journey to a pain-free life. We have experience diagnosing and treating a number of conditions that make life painful and difficult, and we'd be more than happy to help you understand the exact cause of your pain and the best ways to treat it.

                            Our team provides personalized treatment and care for patients suffering from the following conditions and more:

                            Back and Spine

                            Back pain is a leading cause of disability – don’t let chronic back pain be the reason you miss out on your life’s greatest milestones. Let Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali find the root cause of your back and spinal pain and provide effective pain management solutions for the following types of back and/or spine pain:

                            Back and Spine Treatments near Rumson, NJ


                            Our state-of-the-art facilities across New Jersey are fully-equipped to help minimize the pain you experience from a number of chronic head conditions such as:

                            Headaches Treatments near Rumson, NJ


                            Your hip joint is the largest in your body, allowing for the wide range of fluid movement you use daily. Don’t let the effects of aging, accidents, or injury trigger debilitating hip pain that can limit your movement, such as the following:

                            Hips Treatments near Rumson, NJ


                            Knee pain can limit your mobility and can inhibit you from performing simple tasks like walking or climbing up stairs with ease. Go the distance and prevent your chronic condition from affecting your active lifestyle with the right pain management plan for the following knee-related problems:

                            Knees Treatments near Rumson, NJ


                            Neck pain is a common complaint that can stem from issues like poor posture, osteoarthritis, nerve compression, injuries, muscle strains, and more. If you’re experiencing chronic neck pain, let Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali take a look and provide you with the right treatment plan for the following neck problems:

                            Neck Treatments near Rumson, NJ


                            At Gramercy Pain Center, we can provide pain management solutions caused by a number of diseases and chronic conditions. Everyone’s bodies are different, and we can customize your treatment plan to suit your body’s needs best and fast-track your recovery period.

                            Other Treatments near Rumson, NJ


                            Several bones, joints, tendons, muscles, and other tissues are responsible for the wide range of mobility your shoulders have. If you're experiencing inflammation, fractures, cracking, or moderate pain, have it checked by our pain management specialists. Have the following conditions examined out before they worsen:

                            Shoulders Treatments near Rumson, NJ

                            Sports Injuries

                            Athletes are at higher risk of developing joint and muscle conditions because of their active lifestyles wearing out their bodies faster. Don’t let your injuries stop you from playing the sports you love. Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali can help you recover and get you back on the field as soon as possible from injuries including:

                              Sports Injuries Treatments near Rumson, NJ