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Cervical Herniated Disc Specialist in New Jersey

Patients don't have to tolerate the pain they experience from their herniated discs and put precious moments to a halt. Those noticing neck pain they've never had before must consult with a spine specialist immediately.

Gramercy Pain Center is a pain management clinic in Jersey City, Montclair, Red Bank, and Holmdel in New Jersey. With our board-certified cervical herniated discs specialists, we offer a wealth of treatment options that range from prescriptive medicine and physical therapy to surgery.

Relieve Pain From Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment at Gramercy Pain Center

The cervical herniated disc is one of the most common spine conditions, especially among older patients. Many patients try to tolerate their condition and manage the pain themselves, but this offers risks of progressing into complications, like cervical radiculopathy and others.

Consult cervical herniated discs specialists at Gramercy Pain Center to receive the proper herniated disc treatment tailor-fit for every patient. With our world-class services, we strive to help patients improve their quality of life.

How We Can Help with Your Cervical Herniated Disc at Gramercy Pain Center

Cervical discs serve as cushions between our vertebrae at the neck and upper back that allows flexibility and absorbs shock. When these discs rupture due to excessive stress from lifting heavy loads, doing damaging motions, or aging, it causes disc herniation.

Symptoms of Cervical Disc Herniation

Ignoring neck pains is common among patients, but what you may think is a simple strain may actually be a spinal disc herniation. In some cases, cervical disc herniation or slipped disc does not present any symptoms.

There are other types of spinal disc herniation:

  • thoracic disc herniation - slipped disc at the thoracic spine
  • lumbar disc herniation - ruptured disc at the lumbar spine

Detecting a ruptured disc early on is crucial for avoiding it from becoming a chronic condition. Here are the herniated disc symptoms:

  • neck pain
  • tingling or numbness at the shoulder going down to the fingers
  • weakness in arm or hand
  • shoulder pain

Patients experience these symptoms if the ruptured disc is pressing a spinal nerve root. In cases where the slipped disc is applying pressure on the spinal cord, patients may experience more serious symptoms:

  • awkward walking or stumbling
  • tingling or feelings of shock running down the body to the legs
  • difficulty in using arms and hands for fine motor skills
  • loss of coordination and balance

If you're experiencing these symptoms, consult with our cervical herniated discs specialists at Gramercy Pain Center. As a spine center, we offer the right treatment options for pain involving the spinal column and spinal cord from medications and minimally invasive spine surgery to surgical operations.

Causes of Disc Herniation at the Cervical Spine

There are different causes and risk factors for cervical spine disc herniation. In some cases, patients just happen to notice herniated disc pain without any clear cause.

But the reasons a patient may have a spinal disc herniation are the following:

  • age
  • genetics
  • movement
  • injury
  • sudden strain

If you experience what seems like herniated disc pain, seek the services of a spine specialist right away. Gramercy Pain Center is an interventional pain management clinic that deals with the chronic pain felt by patients.

What We Offer

Gramercy Pain Center is an interventional pain management clinic that can also address herniated disc pain. We ensure a thorough screening for every patient, so we can provide a tailor-fit herniated disc treatment that will range from sessions of physical therapy and other procedures to surgical treatment.

  • Patient-Centric Treatment
  • Board-Certified Specialists
  • Friendly and Supportive Staff

Schedule a consultation with our board-certified experts to seek treatment for your cervical disc herniation.

Diagnosing Your Condition

Neck pain can mean anything, and sometimes, a ruptured disc wouldn't even show symptoms. Our herniated disc specialist is highly skilled in assessing a patient's condition and providing an accurate diagnosis with a series of consultations and imaging tests.

  • Evaluation - our herniated disc specialist will ask questions about the neck discomfort and other symptoms you may be experiencing, like shoulder pain, lower back pain, and others. Patients may prepare to answer details about the location of the pain, type of pain, the onset of symptoms, and more.
  • Imaging Tests - our spine specialist may also request a series of imaging tests to verify your herniated disc symptoms and to know the state of your spine.
    • MRI - this shows the location of your herniated disc and collects more information about it, like its size and severity.
    • CT Scan - this scans your spine for tumors, lesions, and other abnormalities aside from a ruptured disc.
    • X-Ray - this reveals a fracture or tumor in your spinal column.
  • Neurological Exams - our spine specialists will also perform neurological exams to check for signs of a disorder.

Treatment Plan for Your Cervical Herniated Disc

Gramercy Pain Center offers integrated treatment options for your cervical spine disc herniation.

  • Prescriptive medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Nonsurgical treatment
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Surgical treatment
  • Spinal cord stimulation

Gramercy Pain Center has a board-certified spine surgeon that will make patients more comfortable even with undergoing surgical treatment.

Treat Cervical Herniated Disc for a Better Quality of Life

Patients experiencing chronic pain from injury or any type of medical condition may seek our services and receive world-class treatment.

  • Board-Certified Practitioners
  • Long-Term Relationship with Patients
  • Holistic Treatment

Your first step towards a better quality of life starts with a consultation with us. Visit our clinics or contact our hotline to schedule an appointment.