Conditions We Treat

At Gramercy Pain Center, our team of pain specialists has helped countless patients with their journey to a pain-free life. We have experience diagnosing and treating a number of conditions that make life painful and difficult, and we'd be more than happy to help you understand the exact cause of your pain and the best ways to treat it.

Our team provides personalized treatment and care for patients suffering from the following conditions and more:

Back and Spine

Back pain is a leading cause of disability – don’t let chronic back pain be the reason you miss out on your life’s greatest milestones. Let Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali find the root cause of your back and spinal pain and provide effective pain management solutions for the following types of back and/or spine pain:

Back and Spine Treatments


Our state-of-the-art facilities across New Jersey are fully-equipped to help minimize the pain you experience from a number of chronic head conditions such as:

Headaches Treatments


Your hip joint is the largest in your body, allowing for the wide range of fluid movement you use daily. Don’t let the effects of aging, accidents, or injury trigger debilitating hip pain that can limit your movement, such as the following:

Hips Treatments


Knee pain can limit your mobility and can inhibit you from performing simple tasks like walking or climbing up stairs with ease. Go the distance and prevent your chronic condition from affecting your active lifestyle with the right pain management plan for the following knee-related problems:

Knees Treatments


Neck pain is a common complaint that can stem from issues like poor posture, osteoarthritis, nerve compression, injuries, muscle strains, and more. If you’re experiencing chronic neck pain, let Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali take a look and provide you with the right treatment plan for the following neck problems:

Neck Treatments


At Gramercy Pain Center, we can provide pain management solutions caused by a number of diseases and chronic conditions. Everyone’s bodies are different, and we can customize your treatment plan to suit your body’s needs best and fast-track your recovery period.

Other Treatments


Several bones, joints, tendons, muscles, and other tissues are responsible for the wide range of mobility your shoulders have. If you're experiencing inflammation, fractures, cracking, or moderate pain, have it checked by our pain management specialists. Have the following conditions examined out before they worsen:

Shoulders Treatments

Sports Injuries

Athletes are at higher risk of developing joint and muscle conditions because of their active lifestyles wearing out their bodies faster. Don’t let your injuries stop you from playing the sports you love. Dr. Varma and Dr. Ali can help you recover and get you back on the field as soon as possible from injuries including:

    Sports Injuries Treatments

    We're Actively Treating Conditions Near the Following Service Areas: