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Custom Pain Management Solutions for Chronic Hip Pain

Gramercy Pain Center provides effective treatment plans to reduce chronic pain and minimize the effects your condition has on your quality of life. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced medical providers develops pain management solutions that are tailored to your condition, lifestyle, and other factors that can trigger debilitating pain.

Factors like aging, injury, and an active lifestyle can result in overuse that can damage your joints and cartilage. If left unchecked, this can develop into conditions like hip labral tears, which can cause chronic pain that can limit your movement and hinder your ability to perform day-to-day activities.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like hip pain or stiffness when you move, you may have developed a hip labral tear in one or both sockets connecting your hip bone to your femur. Schedule an appointment at your nearest Gramercy Pain Center to discuss your condition with our exceptional hip labral tear specialists.

Understanding Hip Labral Tears

The joint connecting your hip bone to your thigh bones (femurs) provides you with a wide range of motion. This joint has a ring of cartilage that cushions the socket where your femur is attached to your hip bone but not directly touching the hip bone.

This cartilage is known as your labrum. When your labrum is damaged, it breaks the seal and causes your femur to grind against the hip bone socket. This can cause chronic pain during hip movement.

While a labral tear can’t heal on its own, you can manage the symptoms to minimize the chronic pain you experience while you seek treatment for it. Let our team help you diagnose your condition, determine its severity, and find the right solution to minimize the pain.

Causes and Symptoms of Hip Labral Tears

Hip labral tears are most common in athletes and people with active lifestyles that practice strenuous activities often. A hip labral tear can also be caused by traumatic injuries that cause hip bursitis, hip joint dislocation, or hip fracture.

And for some rare cases, it can be caused by genetic conditions and birth defects that result in a malformed joint where the socket doesn’t fully enclose the ball of the upper thigh bone. This puts more stress on the labrum and causes it to wear faster.

The severity of your hip labral tear can vary from minor to major cases, so symptoms may vary. The most common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the hip, groin, and upper leg, especially during strenuous activities
  • Pain caused by prolonged sitting or standing
  • Crepitus or the audible sound of your hip and thigh bone locking and grinding
  • Stiffness affecting your range of motion

Seek Treatment from Our Highly-Qualified Hip Labral Tear Specialists

Very minor cases can take several weeks to heal and only trigger pain for a few days. More severe cases may take several months to recover. And in rare worst-case scenarios, some patients may require surgical treatment if all non-surgical options are exhausted. Some of the non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatment options we can add to your custom plan include:

  • Medications – over-the-counter pain relievers, prescription drugs, corticosteroid injections, etc.
  • Sports medicine – for athletes, additional treatments can be provided to help improve your condition and allow you to return to high-intensity movement.
  • Physical therapy – exercises to improve your legs’ motion and range.
  • Assistive devices – canes, walkers, and other assistive devices that can be installed in your home to ease the pressure off your hip joint.
  • Lifestyle recommendations – our providers can provide recommendations for lifestyle modifications to minimize chronic pain flare-ups. For example, losing excess weight for overweight and obese patients can ease the pressure on your joints.

Gramercy Pain Center Is Your Pain Management Partner

While some forms of hip labral tears need minimal treatment, many patients can’t fully recover or manage their symptoms without the right care. Left unchecked, your hip labral tear can progressively deteriorate. This can cause more pain that can limit your movement and impact your ability to perform everyday tasks or withstand prolonged sitting and standing.

Each Gramercy Pain Center has state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced medical providers that can give you the care you need. Each treatment plan is customized to your own condition and factors that can affect your recovery to ensure high chances of adapting and overcoming your hip joint pain.

FAQs About Hip Labral Tears and Pain Management

Q: What’s the recovery plan and outlook for patients with hip labral tears?

A: Depending on the severity of your condition and how well you follow your treatment plan, you can see a gradual improvement in your mobility. Patients that have sought treatment for their condition manage to minimize the impact their condition has on their quality of life. They’ve gone on to live fulfilling lifestyles as they adapt and overcome their condition.

Q: How do you make treatment plans for patients with hip labral tears?

A: Each customized treatment plan is based on a number of factors such as the severity of your condition, your age, lifestyle, and other factors that can trigger chronic pain. We exhaust all non-surgical options to help you find pain relief before we resort to invasive surgical procedures like total hip replacement. In case of extremely painful cases that non-invasive options can’t effectively treat, we can refer you to an orthopedic surgeon.

Q: Is there a way to prevent hip labral tears?

A: In cases where your labrum tears because of overuse, you can take steps to take care of your hip joints. Performing warm-ups and stretches can prevent injury while taking ample breaks can prevent overuse. However, instances like birth defects and accidental injuries can be hard to prevent.

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