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Shoulder problems are quite common and they make simple activities seem monumental. As you age, you’re more likely to feel a dull ache or a shooting pain in one of your shoulders because of a torn cartilage or other conditions. Luckily, there are several treatment options to help you alleviate the pain at Gramercy Pain Center.

Shoulder pains are usually associated with different conditions, but they may also be because of an acute injury in the upper body. Although some patients only experience mild shoulder pain that’s bearable, it can prevent others from sleeping comfortably at night or moving their shoulders and arms in a certain manner.

If you suffer from chronic shoulder pain or you recently sustained a shoulder injury, our team at Gramercy Pain Center can develop a personalized treatment plan to help manage your shoulder condition and prevent it from worsening. Book an appointment in any of our locations now to experience high-quality care and treatment for your shoulder problem.

Understanding Shoulder Pain

Each shoulder socket is a group of tendon, muscle, soft tissue, and joints that allow you to move your arms freely – from reaching something on the shelf to throwing the perfect pitch in a baseball game. But like other joints in your body, various complications might develop and cause you pain or limit your flexibility.

Some patients only feel shoulder pain when moving in a certain way while others might feel a dull ache in their shoulders all the time. Depending on their cause, shoulder problems usually fall into 1 of the 4 types: tendon inflammation, arthritis, shoulder instability, or shoulder dislocation and fracture. Medical conditions like infection, tumors, and nerve problems may also cause pain around the shoulder blade, but they’re a lot less common than the other categories.

Although there are many treatment options available for alleviating severe shoulder pain, you still need to consult a shoulder specialist for an accurate diagnosis. This allows you to get the appropriate shoulder pain treatment and prevent further complications.

Gramercy Pain Center: The Best Shoulder Pain Specialist in New Jersey

Gramercy Pain Center is the trusted clinic for excellent treatments for shoulder pain caused by different conditions. As the premier pain management center in New Jersey, we are dedicated to providing all of our patients with the care they deserve to help alleviate their pain and promote their well-being.

  • Patient-Centered Care – At Gramercy Pain Center, we make sure that your needs are met with every treatment. We always do our best to understand your lifestyle, health condition, and treatment goals so we can provide you with personalized treatments for a quick recovery.
  • World-Class Facilities – Each procedure at Gramercy Pain Center is performed inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. This also allows us to provide you with the latest and most effective treatments for your pain problems.
  • Holistic Treatments – Depending on your physician’s recommendation, we can combine interventional procedures, medications, physical therapy, and other treatment methods to relieve your pain, improve body functions, and speed up your recovery process.
  • Highly-Skilled Experts – The success of your treatment also depends on how skilled your doctor is. Our team at Gramercy Pain Center is composed of highly-trained physicians and sports medicine specialists who take pride in the high-quality treatments we provide each patient.

Recommended Treatments for Shoulder Pain

At Gramercy Pain Center, our team of physicians and pain management experts starts each treatment by determining the intensity and cause of your shoulder pain. From there, we develop the best treatment plan that may involve one or a combination of the following procedures:

  • Pain Relief Medications – NSAIDs and other over-the-counter pain relief medications help alleviate pain and swelling near the upper arm bone, but they should only be taken as directed by your physician. Doctors may also prescribe stronger doses if needed.
  • Physiotherapy – Most types of shoulder problems can benefit from physiotherapy. Depending on the recommendation by the doctor or physiotherapist, you may undergo stretching and strengthening exercises, massage therapy, and other various therapeutic techniques to speed up your recovery.
  • Steroid Injections – Corticosteroid injections quickly relieve shoulder pain, but they’re usually prescribed when medications and physical therapy don’t improve your condition. These injectables reduce the inflammation in the treated area, allowing you to move comfortably.
  • Orthopedic Surgery – Surgical procedures are only recommended for patients who don’t experience relief from other nonsurgical treatment methods. Depending on the cause of shoulder pain, the orthopedic surgeon may perform a keyhole technique (shoulder arthroscopy), replacement surgery, or a conventional open shoulder surgery.

FAQs About Shoulder Pain and Pain Management

Q: Can I prevent shoulder pains?

A: Simple shoulder exercises help with rotator cuff repair and strengthen your shoulder to minimize the intensity and frequency of shoulder pains. Resting is also important, especially for athletes and workers who use their upper arm when performing certain tasks. Just make sure to ask a physical therapist to show you how to do the stretches properly.

Q: When should I visit a physician for shoulder pain?

A: See a doctor immediately if the shoulder and elbow pain is accompanied by other symptoms like fever, bruising, and tenderness around the shoulder joint. It’s also important to consult a pain specialist if the shoulder pain persists or worsens even after weeks of taking pain relief medication or other home treatments.

Q: What happens if I don’t get the right treatment for my shoulder pain?

A: Delaying treatment for the shoulder pain only makes your condition worse. It may even come to a point where the pain prevents you from completing simple tasks or makes you lose sleep at night. In other cases, it’s also possible to lose your range of motion or affect the way your body moves.

Seek Effective Pain Relief from Shoulder Pain at Gramercy Pain Center

Shoulder pain can be caused by a lot of different factors and conditions like rotator cuff tear, but it doesn’t mean you have to live the rest of your life with a dull ache in your shoulder. At Gramercy Pain Center, our team of highly trained physicians and pain management specialists helps patients alleviate shoulder pain and improve their quality of life using advanced procedures.

We offer personalized treatments from a wide range of treatment options, so we can help you recover from shoulder pain caused by rotator cuff injury or other shoulder injuries quickly. Take the first step with us today by booking a consultation.

Types of Shoulders Conditions we treat

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