Marlboro Township NJ - Libraries

The township is home to two Little Free Libraries: one in the Morganville subdivision, and the other near town hall. Marlboro Township has an Office of Emergency Management, which is responsible for preparing for and managing large-scale emergencies. In addition to the Little Free Libraries, the township has a robust amateur wrestling program. The township also hosts several free outdoor concerts throughout the year, including performances by Lesley Gore and Bill Haley's Comets. Local acts are also featured at concerts, including local talent. More info here.

The Marlboro township NJ population is comprised of a variety of demographics. For example, it has the highest percentage of African Americans (22.7%) and the lowest percentage of Hispanics (3.2%). Furthermore, it is home to one of the lowest percentiles of Natives in New Jersey (3.1%). For this reason, Marlboro township NJ is a good place to relocate to. Don't forget to visit this page for more info.

The Marlboro Township NJ population analysis reveals that a large percentage of residents are under the age of 20. This information is useful for research on employment and determining which neighborhoods have the highest percentage of retirees. The township has an 8.4% percentage of people under the age of 20. Meanwhile, the highest proportion of residents is between the ages of 30 and 39. Marlboro Township ranks first in this category. However, despite its relatively small population, it has plenty of amenities for residents.

The first settlements in Marlboro Township began about 12,000 years ago. People from Siberia migrated east to America and eventually developed into Lenni Lenapes around 1000 AD. These early inhabitants established small villages in this area. These villages were among the earliest organized communities in the area. The Lenni Lenapes were the first known organized people to live in the area. And today, they continue to be a significant part of the town's history.

Point of Interest #1 Sona Way, 59 Falson Ln, Morganville, NJ 07751, United States

Point of Interest #2 Sri Krishna Bhojanashala (Temple Cafeteria), 31 Wooleytown Rd, Morganville, NJ 07751, United States

Point of Interest #3 Sri Guruvaayoorappan Temple, 31 Wooleytown Rd, Morganville, NJ 07751, United States