Custom Pain Management Plans for You by Gramercy Pain Center

Chronic pain conditions like back, neck, and knee pain can be hard to treat without knowing their cause. At Gramercy Pain Center, we provide tests to accurately diagnose your pain or joint problem. This allows us to create the best pain management plans so you won’t have to be constantly worried about your pain.

One of the ways we do this is through a diagnostic arthroscopic procedure to get a better image of what your condition is. X-ray, MRI, and other imaging tests help diagnose your chronic pain condition, but there are cases when a diagnostic arthroscopy is needed, especially for patients suffering from knee joint or shoulder joint conditions.

If you’re suffering from recurring pain in your knee, shoulder, hips, or other joints, then you might want to get it checked using diagnostic arthroscopy at Gramercy Pain Center. After learning more about your condition, we’ll make sure to provide you with the best care and treatment to help manage your pain.

Understanding Diagnostic Arthroscopy

Diagnostic arthroscopy is a type of surgical procedure used to examine the inside of your joint. It’s mostly utilized for diagnosing a shoulder or knee problem, but some patients with issues in their wrist, hip, ankle, and elbow may also benefit from this procedure. In some cases, orthopedic surgeons also use arthroscopic surgery to repair minor knee damage or other joint problems.

Like other kinds of orthopedic surgery, your doctor needs to ask a few pre-screening questions first about your diet, medical history, and medication. Patients are also given a few instructions to follow like avoiding certain medication before the procedure to ensure its success.

During the diagnostic shoulder arthroscopy itself, the orthopedic surgeon uses local, regional, or general anesthesia first before creating a small incision on the treatment area. Sterile saline may also be administered in the area to enhance the doctor’s visibility when working on the joint.

The arthroscope is also inserted in one of the tiny incisions made by the orthopedic surgeon. Once the doctor has enough information for a diagnosis, the saline is drained and the incisions are closed. For minor and easy-to-repair issues, doctors may also fix the problem immediately using different arthroscopic instruments.

Gramercy Pain Center: The Best Diagnostic Arthroscopy Provider in New Jersey

Gramercy Pain Center is the trusted clinic when it comes to excellent procedures like diagnostic arthroscopy to find the cause of your pain problem. As the premier pain management center in New Jersey, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the care they deserve to help alleviate their pain and promote their well-being.

Conditions That Make Use of Diagnostic Arthroscopy

At Gramercy Pain Center, our team of physicians and pain management experts starts each treatment by performing a consultation to know more about your pain condition. This allows us to determine which pain management solution is the best pain treatment for you.

By using diagnostic arthroscopy, our doctors at Gramercy Pain Center can help you find out the possible cause of your chronic pain like:

FAQs About DRG Spinal Cord Stimulation and Pain Management

Q: Is diagnostic arthroscopy completely safe?

A: Diagnostic arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical treatment so it’s safer than open surgery. However, there are still some minor risks that you should be aware of like infection at the treatment site or allergic reaction to the anesthesia used during the treatment.

Q: What happens after my diagnostic arthroscopy?

A: After learning more about the cause of the patient’s pain problem, doctors can create and prescribe appropriate treatment plans to treat the underlying condition. In some cases, arthroscopic surgery is also used to repair the damage in the joints.

Q: Is physical therapy required after diagnostic arthroscopy?

A: This varies per patient, but most of them need physical therapy to improve their joint functions, strengthen their muscles, and enhance their mobility. Just make sure to follow your physical therapist during the treatment session to avoid overworking yourself and repeating the surgical procedure.

Seek Effective Pain Relief with Arthroscopic Surgery at Gramercy Pain Center

Knee and shoulder pain should be treated immediately before they start worsening. At Gramercy Pain Center, we use arthroscopic surgery to diagnose and treat your joint problems like rotator cuff tear, meniscal lesions, and ACL tear. We also offer a wide range of treatment options for patients who don’t want to undergo shoulder or knee surgery to alleviate the pain caused by their shoulder or knee injury.

Start your long-lasting pain relief treatment today by booking an appointment with us.